Substance over Soundbites: Newt Gingrich

Charlie Arlinghaus interviews former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in the first installment of the Josiah Bartlett Center’s “Substance Over Soundbites Series”

Part 1- Gingrich says it would be “virtually impossible” to support Ron Paul if he is the Republican Presidential Nominee.

Part 2- Gingrich explains why he’s running for President

Part 3- Gingrich discusses the need to balance the federal budget

Part 4- Gingrich and Arlinghaus address the need to reform entitlements

Part 5-Gingrich says he can win the debate with Barack Obama over turning control of welfare programs back to states.

Part 6- Gingrich argues that America’s health care system has to choose whether to become like WalMart or like Canada.

Part 7- Gingrich has nice things to say about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s Medicare Reform Plans

Part 8- Gingrich on Big Ideas and Hunting Chipmunks

Part 9- Gingrich says he burnt out the House as Speaker and says what he would do differently

Part 10- Gingrich on the addiction to deficit spending, the NH budget process, what he’s learned on the campaign trail, and the strength of the Republican Presidential field.

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  1. Joe Arlinghaus says:

    What a great conversation! I love Newt! Charlie aint so bad either though it is hard to get excited about the guy who used to whup me when I was 12 and he 17 and we shared a room.

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