New Hampshire Saw Slight Increase in Foreclosures in August

According  to the foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac, New Hampshire saw 688 foreclosure filings for the month of August, which was slightly higher than previous month.

For August, one out of every 894 residential dwellings in the state received a notice of either bank repossession or foreclosure auction, better than the national average of one in 681. While New Hampshire is doing far better than the national average in terms of foreclosures

157 dwellings in foreclosure sold were sold in August, leaving a total of 4,026 still on the market

RealtyTrac also tracks foreclosures at the local level as well and looking at the 3 major cities of the state, we see that they follow the trends of the state as a whole:

Manchester saw 76 new filings, with 22 sold, leaving 337 on the market. Nashua had 39 new filings, with 11 sold, with 222 still up for sale. Finally, Concord (including 03303 overlap) saw 9 new filings, 6 houses in foreclosure selling and 83 remaining unsold.