2014-2015 Budget Resources

As the Budget Process gets under way at the State House, in addition to publishing our pieces on the main page, we will be aggregating all of budget related content here.

Be sure to bookmark as we will be updating this list regularly!



The House Budget: Apples to Apples General Fund Comparison

The Senate Budget: Apples to Apples General Fund Comparison

Highway Fund Spending: Governor vs House

Health and Human Services General Fund Spending: Governor vs House vs Senate

(Updated to included House Sununu Center reductions)


Studies and Analysis:

Charting the Highway Fund Diversion

The Highway Fund Diversion: What Does Safety’s Cut Pay For?

March Revenues Shrink Projected Deficit

House Budget Relies on Tobacco Settlement Money To Balance

NH Paying for Decision to Borrow Building Aid Funds

Meet the MET

Governor, House and Senate Largely Agree on HHS Budget

Back of the Budget Cuts at Heart of Dispute on HHS Budget

State Fills 400 Positions Despite Hiring Freeze

Off Budget: What Happens if New Hampshire Doesn’t Have a Budget

Battle Lines: A Guide to the Budget Committee of Conference



Games and Gimmicks are always a part of the Budget

On Medicaid Expansion, the Answer is “Not Yet”

Rhetoric on the Budget doesn’t Match Reality

When the Government Expires at Dawn

On Medicaid Expansion, Rhetoric Isn’t Reality

State Employee Pay is a Complicated Question