Statement on School Choice Ruling

June 17, 2013

In the school choice case that every side has expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court, the court upheld most of the law but set aside the provision that would let some parents exercise their choice at a religiously affiliated school. Josiah Bartlett Center president Charlie Arlinghaus responded:

“The final decision in this case was always going to come from the Supreme Court which I’m sure will uphold the law. No education tax credit has ever been struck down by a Supreme Court in any state. This ruling is particularly odd. The entire program is fine unless a parent by their own choice chooses a religious school. By this logic a program is illegal if neutral and only legal if actively hostile to religion. That’s absurd and I trust the Supreme Court will find it so. I hope the Supreme Court will act quickly so parents have some certainty for the coming school year.”

“The program allows businesses to receive a credit for a donation to scholarship organizations which then give scholarships to parents who may then use the scholarship at any approved New Hampshire school. The goal is to provide parents of lesser means with some of the opportunities wealthy parents have. Today, rich people have school choice. Poor people don’t.”