Medicaid Expansion Resource Bank

Without a doubt, Medicaid is the biggest issue this session in Concord. We have collected all of our work on the issue, as well as from like minded friends, to serve as a one stop shop on this complex issue.


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Text of Bill Currently Under Consideration:

Senate Bill 413

Senate Bill 413 Status Docket


Oregon Medicaid Study Findings:

Several years ago, researchers were recently given the rare opportunity to study the effectiveness of Medicaid Expansion. Oregon opted to expand its Medicaid program to include some low income, uninsured adults. However, funds were only available to enroll only a portion of those eligible, so roughly 10,000 individuals were chosen by random lottery to receive coverage. While unintended as such, these conditions laid the groundwork to conduct a scientific study of the efficacy of Medicaid by creating a randomly selected sample (those chosen) with an established control group (those not chosen).

Medicaid Expansion Leads to Increased ER Usage

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Older Columns: (Note: May refer to older proposals)

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