House General & Education Fund budget spends just $52.2 million less than governor’s, would represent a 1.4% spending decrease

The 2022-23 state budget approved by the state House represents a relatively small difference from Governor Chris Sununu’s General and Education Trust Fund spending priorities, particularly compared to the large differences at this point two years ago.

The House-approved versions of HB 1 and HB 2 would spend just $52.2 million less than the governor’s plan, a difference of less than one percent of the state’s General and Education Fund spending. Much of the debate over these bills will likely center on House-approved policy proposals not directly related to the state budget.

Sununu’s budget proposal would have represented a 3.3% cut in General and Education Fund spending in FY22 compared to the amount appropriated for FY21. But the state didn’t spend the appropriated amount, saving nearly $100 million through the hiring freeze and other pandemic-prompted cost controls. Instead, Sununu’s February budget would essentially level-fund state government, with 0.13% increase in FY22 with moderate spending growth in FY23.

The House-approved budget would spend $50 million less in FY22 and grow slightly slower in FY23. That would be 4.1% decrease in FY22 from FY21 appropriations, but just a 0.7% cut from what will actually be spent in FY21.

Over the two-year budget, the governor’s proposal represents a 0.47% drop in total General and Education Fund spending, while the House budget would be a 1.43% decrease.

Our full budget brief is available here in pdf: Budget Visions 2022-23