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Huge Florida study finds school choice improves performance of public school students

The expansion of Florida’s school choice scholarship program led to significant academic and behavioral improvements for students who remained in the state’s public schools, a new study shows. It is the latest of more than two dozen studies to show academic gains among public school students after the introduction of school choice programs. The National […]

The Iowa caucuses, complex systems, and the beauty of simplicity

It’s Primary Weekend in New Hampshire, when Granite Staters ask questions of candidates, national reporters ask questions of Granite Staters, and the entire political universe asks, “What the heck, Iowa?” On Monday, the Great Iowa App-ocalypse occurred. In an evening of dumbfounding incompetence, the Iowa Democratic Party may have done what Michigan, California, Florida, Delaware […]

Senate unanimously passes business tax reduction; bill to cut education tax credits gets unanimous thumbs down

Brace yourselves. The Senate on Thursday passed a business tax reduction — unanimously. By a vote of 24-0, Republicans and Democrats agreed to eliminate the business profits tax (BPT) liability of thousands of New Hampshire businesses. Senate Bill 223 would increase the minimum gross income required to file a business profits tax return by 50 […]

Senate bill would redirect money for lower-income scholarship kids to higher-income college grads

A bill before the Senate Ways and Means Committee next Wednesday would cut education scholarships for lower-income children and redirect the money to higher-income college graduates. The title of Senate Bill 663 offers no hint that it would make this switch. The bill would create a tax credit to fund the Graduate Retention Incentive Partnership […]

Socialism: The Real Story!

Does socialism really create a just, peaceful and equitable society? Join us for a fun discussion of the topic by famed author Dr. Joshua Muravchik and find out! (Hint: Dr. Muravchik is a former socialist.) Dr. Muravchik will discuss his great book “Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism” on Saturday, Feb. […]


Lonely (for now) legislators push sales, income taxes

A bill to tax sales of electronics in New Hampshire made news this week, and the bemused media coverage it drew was justified. Yet New Hampshire Union Leader State House Bureau Chief Kevin Landrigan saw a different, and more important, angle. Landrigan put the bill in context and showed that it was one of several […]