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NH Zoning Atlas offers groundbreaking insight into local building restrictions

In 2021, we published a landmark study that showed how local land use regulations drove New Hampshire’s housing shortage. That study changed the conversation on affordable housing in New Hampshire, from one focused on government subsidies to one focused on regulations. This week, the Center for Ethics in Society at Saint Anselm College set the […]

Join us May 16 for our 2023 Libertas Award Dinner with Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence headlines the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy’s 2023 Libertas Award Dinner on Tuesday, May 16. Join us for an elegant dinner and a conversation with Vice President Pence, focused on economic freedom and opportunity in America. Mike Pence served as a member of Congress, representing Indiana, from 2001-2013, governor […]


As NH public school district enrollment fell by 30,000 students in 19 years, spending rose by nearly $1 billion

From 2001-2019, New Hampshire public school districts lost 29,946 students, but increased spending by an inflation-adjusted $937 million, a new Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy study has found. In percentage terms, inflation-adjusted spending rose by 40% while enrollment fell by 14%. The increase in spending is even more dramatic when capital and debt spending […]


Why no one knows what an adequate education should cost

The New Hampshire Legislature, in its wisdom, has decreed how much an adequate education costs. It’s right there in statute, RSA 198:40-a.  Legislators wrote in three concise paragraphs that the cost of an adequate education totals precisely $3,561.27 in 2015 dollars, plus an additional $1,780.63 for students eligible for a free or reduced price meal, […]

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The Boston Globe agrees: local regulations are the root of the housing shortage

When the Josiah Bartlett Center released our landmark study of the nexus between New Hampshire’s housing shortage and local land use regulations, in October of 2021, the connection between the two was not widely reported in the popular press. Academics, developers and planners knew that local regulations were responsible for reducing the supply of housing, […]


Join us for a beer & a conversation about licensing on April 11

Granite Staters entering the job market often face government-imposed barriers to entry. State-required licenses can come with onerous fees, arduous training requirements and a lack of reciprocity for individuals already licensed by another state in their field of practice. Gov. Chris Sununu has proposed a major overhaul of New Hampshire’s occupational licensing bureaucracy. The governor’s […]

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The rich folks are coming! The rich folks are coming!

“Very heavy taxes, are hurtful, because they lessen the increase of population by making the means of subsistence, more difficult.” — John Adams, 1780 Last November, Massachusetts voters approved a so-called “millionaire’s tax.” It raises the state income tax from 5% to 9% for incomes of $1 million or more, an 80% tax increase.  Four […]