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The Burgess backfire

In its annual report to the Public Utilities Commission last year, Burgess Biopower outlined its numerous efforts to provide financial security by diversifying its revenue base. Burgess pursued other regional economic development projects to reduce and offset the costs of Burgess’ power, such as co-development of a number of suitable businesses including a greenhouse, a […]

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Republican Primary voters in NH want to restrain the federal government, not American businesses, a Competitiveness Coalition and Josiah Bartlett Center poll finds

The Competitiveness Coalition, in coordination with The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, find in a poll of 800 likely Republican primary voters, released Sept. 5,  that these voters want the federal government to focus on inflation, the cost of living and the economy, and not get distracted by attacking American tech companies. On New […]

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If NH is the Star Wars cantina, Massachusetts is The Empire

Announcing her run for governor, former U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she’d fight to prevent New Hampshire from becoming Massachusetts. It was as if she had insulted Bill Belichick’s mother. Lowell’s city manager demanded an apology for Ayotte’s factual assertion that his city has long been a source of illegal drugs entering New Hampshire. Boston Globe columnist […]

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How housing regulations push youth to socialism

Jason Sorens at the American Institute for Economic Research has posted a provocative essay connecting young people’s affinity for heavy-handed government economic intervention to overly restrictive land use regulations. Restrictive land use regulations play a significant role in driving housing costs higher. That’s very well documented. Government zoning regulations that limit homebuilding are a big […]


As rents fall nationwide, they rise in New Hampshire, where construction lags

Nationwide, rents have trended downward in the past year. But that relief has missed New Hampshire.  Here, rents rose in the past year at double the rate of the year before, according to the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority’s (NHHFA) latest report, further illustrating how desperately underserved New Hampshire’s rental market is. “The rental market […]


Would the Founders consider us free?

On July 4th, Americans celebrate not just the formation of our nation, but the inspiring ideals of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. It’s currently fashionable to question whether Americans live up to those ideals, or ever have. But the predominant voices of doubt ask the wrong question. The foundational question is not […]