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It’s OK to celebrate the United States of America

Independence Day, 2020, will come without parades or fireworks shows in many communities. They are canceled for the coronavirus. Some Americans seem to want them canceled for good. They’re ashamed of the flag and the nation it represents.  Six years from America’s 250th birthday, her citizens should be preparing for the party to end all […]


N.H.’s tax credit scholarships must include religious schools, U.S. Supreme Court confirms

The June 30th U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue demolishes once and for all the false claim that New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit Program violates the New Hampshire and U.S. Constitutions.  Further, the ruling renders inoperative New Hampshire’s anti-Catholic Blaine amendment, added to the state constitution in 1877.  “While the […]

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An online reverse auction can save N.H. up to $22.2 million a year on prescription drugs

A new Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy study finds that switching to an online reverse auction for the state’s pharmacy benefits management contract can save New Hampshire taxpayers save up to $22.2 million a year. The study by Dr. Wayne Winegarden, director of the Center for Medical Economics and Innovation at the Pacific Research […]

House passes JBC-recommended growler legislation

In a contentious return to in-person legislating Thursday, House Republicans and Democrats traded barbs and accusations and got little accomplished. But they did agree on one thing — beer. Representatives voted 243-92 to approve House Bill 1717, a bill to permit bars and restaurants to sell draft beer in growlers during a declared state of […]

The lockdown and the government’s fragile power

In the “Merv Griffin Show” episode of Seinfeld, George hits some pigeons with his car after they didn’t fly away at the last second. “It’s not my fault,” George complains to Jerry. “Don’t we have a deal with the pigeons?” “Of course we have a deal,” Jerry says. “They get out of the way of […]