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Claremont’s core flaw emerges in Education Freedom Account debate

Speaking in favor of Senate Bill 432, a bill to eliminate New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Account program, Sen. Rebecca Whitley, D-Hopkinton, argued that state education aid should not go to help lower-income students purchase educational services outside of their assigned school districts, but should directly aid their districts instead. “We clearly have a problem with […]

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From ‘social credit scores’ to driver’s ed, legislators often assume more knowledge than they have

“It is far easier to concentrate power than to concentrate knowledge. That’s why so much social engineering backfires….”  — Thomas Sowell In New Hampshire, Republicans tend to think of themselves as opposed to government regulations, especially ones that can be called “social engineering.” And yet Democrats don’t have a monopoly on such efforts.  A recent […]

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Temporary licenses offer life support for N.H. health care system as permanent fix proves elusive

On Feb. 1, amid a critical shortage of health care personnel in New Hampshire, the licenses of 22,328 medical workers were set to expire. That’s 26% of health care workers licensed to practice in the state.  In January, the state’s Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (OPLC) prevented that disaster by issuing an emergency rule […]


After School Choice Week, legislators consider bills to limit choice

In New Hampshire, School Choice Week 2022 (Jan. 24-28) highlighted some reasons why parents pursue educational options beyond their assigned public school.  On Monday, School Choice Week kicked off with a new policy at Newmarket Junior-Senior High School: Unmasked students are to be removed from class, given detention, then suspended if they continue to attend […]


Why school choice is the most powerful education reform

As School Choice Week kicks off, it’s worth considering why there’s no such thing as Grocery Choice Week. Or Clothing Choice Week. Or Home Choice Week.  When it comes to the basic necessities of life — food, clothing and shelter — Americans have the freedom to choose from among whatever options the market provides. (Government […]

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Impeding the expansion of new telecom technologies would hurt New Hampshire

A House bill considered in committee this week would deny much of New Hampshire access to the most advanced telecommunications technologies. House Bill 1644 would require “telecommunications antennas” to be placed “at least 1,640 feet from residentially zoned areas, parks, playgrounds, hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, and schools.” The bill’s stated purpose is to […]


The case for commuter rail in N.H. got worse, not better, in the last seven years

The case for taxpayer-subsidized commuter rail from Manchester to Boston has grown weaker, not stronger, in the seven years since the state released its major study of the proposed Capitol Corridor project.  The New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s December, 2014, report on the Capitol Corridor project projected that a commuter rail line from Manchester to […]

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N.H. business tax revenues’ stunning surge

New Hampshire’s booming economy continues to fill state coffers with excess cash drawn from business taxation, with impressive numbers posted each month. But a longer look back illustrates the stunning sums businesses have contributed to the state budget in the past decade.  From Fiscal Year 2012 through Fiscal Year 2021, business tax revenues exceeded budget […]