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NH fills over 400 vacant positions despite hiring freeze

Grant D. Bosse June 2013 Click here to view as a pdf A hiring freeze put in place five years ago by Governor John Lynch is doing little to prevent state agencies from filling their vacant positions, as the Governor’s Office has issued 436 waivers so far this Fiscal Year. Governor Maggie Hassan has not […]

Back of Budget cuts at heart of current dispute

Governor Maggie Hassan had some harsh words for the Senate Finance Committee this week. But the “sweeping, across the board cuts” to Health and Human Services programs aren’t in the line by line budget headed to the Senate floor, which actually spends more than the Governor’s budget on HHS programs.

Meet the MET

New Hampshire budget writers grapple with a brand new tax that’s been around for 20 years By Grant D. Bosse SUMMARY: New Hampshire adopted the Medicaid Enhancement Tax as a means to leverage federal matching funds without imposing any real tax liability on state hospitals. After two decades, budget writers finally ended the practice of MediScam […]

NH paying for decision to borrow Building Aid funds

New Hampshire’s decision to borrow money for three years to pay for the state’s Building Aid Program is adding a $27.6 million crunch to the current budget debate. Despite suspending new school construction projects from applying for state assistance several years ago, state taxpayers still owe more than $495 million over the next thirty years, and an additional $168 million just to pay off the bonds for the three years lawmakers took out loans to fund the program.

NH House Budget relies on tobacco money to balance

The two-year state budget up for debate in the New Hampshire House today relies on $30 million from a settlement with tobacco companies that hasn’t been finalized. The Legislature rushed through SB199in March in order to give the Attorney General’s Office authority to sign the deal. Once complete, the nation’s largest cigarette makers will distribute billions to 19 states entering into the agreement, if objections from other states don’t scuttle the deal.

Huge March revenues shrink projected deficit

Better than expected business tax collections boosted state revenues in March, cutting the state’s projected budget deficit by more than half with just three months to in the current Fiscal Year. Overall, New Hampshire collected $637 million in March, $26.5 million more than the budget plan. The extra revenues will cut a shortfall of $41 […]

Fleet Week in Review

Using a recently released report from the Department of Administrative Services and its own independent investigation into the data, the Josiah Bartlett Center is publishing a series of stories on its investigative journalism website, NewHampshireWatchdog.org. Monday:  NH state workers drive 1.5 million personal miles a year Tuesday: NH takes the keys from Liquor Commissioners Wednesday: […]

Some NH Commissioners keep state cars, some lose them

New Hampshire is somewhat inconsistent on which top officials drive government cars. Following a year long review on Non-Business Use of state vehicles, some Commissioners were allowed to keep taking their state vehicles home at night while other were asked to turn in their keys. Now lawmakers are looking at ways to improve management of the state’s motor vehicle fleet, and could ask state employees to reimburse taxpayers for every mile they drive off the clock.