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NH DOT claims employees save money taking home state cars

Of the 1.5 million miles that New Hampshire employees drove state cars for Non-Business Use last year, 1.1 million were in the Department of Transportation. The agency responsible for the Granite State’s roads and bridges has the largest number of vehicles in the state’s fleet, and by far the most of those cars and trucks outside of official business. But DOT officials insist that letting workers take state vehicles home at night can ultimately save taxpayers money.

DRED Commissioner defends giving Cannon GM “Company Car”

By Grant Bosse Commissioner George Bald is satisfied that no one in his department is abusing the privilege of driving state-owned vehicles, even if he was a little sloppy in keeping track of his own mileage. The head of the Department of Resources and Economic Development defends his decision to let the General Manager of […]

NH state workers drive 1.5 million personal miles a year

By Grant Bosse December, 19 2011 State employees drove 1.5 million miles in state vehicles for non-business use last year, according to a report presented to the Legislature by the Department of Administrative Services. Starting in Fiscal Year 2011, DAS is charged with determining how many miles each state vehicles was driven for official and […]


NH Budget 101 Presentations

January 2011 Charlie Arlinghaus on Understanding the State Budget and Current Shortfall. Grant Bosse presented on Growing State Debt Shortfall. Rep. David Campbell outlined State Transportation Spending . and Rep. Ken Hawkins explained The State Retirement System.   Please note that each file is a large pdf file and may take a few moments to […]

Higher Vanity Plate Fees bring small drop in Sales

Higher Price, Slow Economy mean fewer customized plates in NH By Grant D. Bosse December 9, 2010 Fewer New Hampshire drivers are paying a premium to customize their license plates, following a 60% increase in the fee. The New Hampshire Legislature increased the annual surcharge for customized plates from $25 to $40 as part of […]

Frequently Asked Questions about New Hampshire’s New Carbon Cap

By Grant Bosse January 2009 What’s RGGI? The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is an agreement among ten Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to limit carbon dioxide emissions through a mandatory cap-and-trade scheme applying to fossil-fueled power plants.  It is administered through a non-profit corporation, RGGI Inc., which contracts with private companies to administer and monitor quarterly […]