Entries by Joshua Elliott-Traficante

NH gets its first glimpse of the Health Insurance Exchange Plan, and it isn’t good.

As reported by various media outlets earlier this week, the Health Care Oversight Committee held a hearing with representatives of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Anthem, who will be the only health insurance provider offering plans on the New Hampshire Exchange, confirmed that future exchange customers would only have access to only about half of the hospitals in the state.

A First Look at State Revenues in FY13

An initial look at state revenues for fiscal year 2013 showed that the year ended with a $47.9 million dollar surplus in the General and Education Trust Funds. Most tax collection was in line with forecast, with several major exceptions. In addition, several, one-time revenues were realized, further growing the surplus. Though these figures are unaudited, the final size of the surplus will likely be roughly the same.

A Look at Manchester’s Bond Rating Downgrade and why the Tax Cap is not to blame.

Last week the City of Manchester saw its general obligation bond rating downgraded from Aa1 to Aa2; in layman’s terms it went from the second highest to the third highest ranking category affecting $193 million in outstanding general obligation (GO) debt. Moody’s also downgraded the school facility revenue bonds to Aa3, affecting $77.3 million in outstanding bonds.

Unemployment drops in July…for all the wrong reasons

According to the data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate dropped by .2 percentage points, to 7.4%. The Establishment Survey Data showed the creation of 161,000 non-farm pay roll jobs. On the surface it looks like a fairly decent report: unemployment down and job growth, while not stellar, is enough to keep up with natural population growth.

NH Unemployment Falls to 5.2% in June

The unemployment rate in New Hampshire fell by one tenth of a percentage point in June to 5.2%, representing a decrease in the number of unemployed by 1400. The number of jobs created according to the Household Survey however was only 250, meaning the balance of the no longer unemployed (1,150) left the workforce.

Bottom Line: A Look at the Final Budget

The Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget passed both the House and Senate by wide margins on June 26th, and is currently awaiting Governor Hassan’s signature, who has said that she will sign it. So how does this year’s final budget look like over all? In General Funds, it spends roughly $213.9 million more than in the previous biennium.