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Three Takeaways from the November Jobs Report

Last week, the November job report was released, which showed that unemployment had dropped to 7.7%, the second month in a row of .2 percentage point decline. Despite fears that super storm Sandy would impact the data, the Bureau reported that data from the affected areas were within the normal ranges. As we do every […]

NH Foreclosures jump in October

New Hampshire saw a spike in foreclosure filings in October according to the foreclosure tracking firm Realtytrac. The month saw a total of 739 filings, versus only 423 the previous month. This follows a general falling trend for the year as a whole. However, as shown in the chart below, the spike is comparable to […]

What is the Real Unemployment Rate?

Josh Elliott-Traficante October 2012 The official unemployment rate has come under fire as of late. The past year has given rise to the charge by many that the unemployment rate under represents the true state of unemployment. Many have cited the U-6 rate which is currently around 14.0%. (For a description of the different rates, […]

Three Takeaways from the September Jobs Report

Today the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released the September Jobs Report, which saw the unemployment rate drop to 7.8%. Like all of our previous Monthly Jobs Report analyses, we take a closer look at the data beyond the unemployment rate. Below are this month’s takeaways: 1.      All of the metrics show modest improvement Looking […]

Retirement System Posts 0.9% Return for 2012

The New Hampshire Retirement System announced Friday that the pension fund posted a 0.9% gain for Fiscal Year 2012. Preliminary estimates had projected a 0.7% gain, but upon the final calculation for the fund’s real estate and alternative assets, the rate of return was revised upward. In the quarterly investment highlights, the system also published […]