This week, two bills that would take Education Freedom Accounts (EFAs) away from children enrolled in the program will be considered in the state House of Representatives.  We previously summarized a group of bills that would heavily regulate the EFA program to the point that its functionality and growth would be severely curtailed. The House […]

Imagine you own a small entertainment venue in New Hampshire. What’s the value of an aisle seat in Row 37 on a Wednesday night in April? Let’s say you printed the date, the time and a price of $100 on the ticket. Would that make the ticket worth $100? How about $200? No idea, right? […]

As pressure builds for local and state policymakers to address New Hampshire’s severe housing shortage, some activists and lawmakers are again blaming developers rather than regulators for the state’s high rents.  Developers are building “too many” apartments for higher-income renters, some claim. This raises rents, hurting the poor, so government must intervene to make builders […]

Legislators are again considering a proposal to raise the state’s minimum wage through a series of automatic annual hikes. The House of Representatives will vote Thursday on House Bill 1322, which would institute an immediate 31% increase in the state minimum wage, then compel additional increases over the next five years. HB 1322 would require […]

Enticing people to buy electric vehicles does not fit comfortably into the core duties of state government. And yet it’s among the list of pet causes legislators will consider subsidizing with other people’s money.  The latest effort comes in House Bill 1472. The bill, as amended, would confiscate $1.5 million that belongs to electric utility […]

A surprising divide has arisen this year over how the state should respond to increasing volumes of public records requests. On one side, we see discord and anger. On the other, unity and progress. The split shows the value of a win-win approach to solving problems. Many officials responsible for providing access to public records […]

The Manchester school district’s proposed 2025 budget continues the city’s trend of spending more to teach fewer students.  The district is asking for $232,227,530 for its 2024–25 school year budget. That’s an increase of $49,175,526, or 26.9%, since 2020–21. Even after adjusting for inflation,* the increase is still $16,967,892.80, or 7.9%, over the last four […]

By Andrew Cline and Jason Bedrick Nearly 1 million American students participated in a school-choice program last year, according to data compiled by EdChoice. Across the country 72 choice programs operate in 32 states. And who has the most popular program in the nation? New Hampshire. With an Education Freedom Account (EFA), parents can customize […]

All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at all times accountable to them.  Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive.  To that end, the public’s right of access to governmental proceedings and records shall not be […]

New Hampshire is less than a year away from eliminating its income tax.  Maybe.  A bill up for consideration in the House Ways & Means Committee on Tuesday would bring it back. It’s a myth that New Hampshire has no income tax. The state’s Interest & Dividends Tax is a levy on income derived from […]