Senator Rand Paul sat down with Charlie Arlinghaus as part of the Josiah Bartlett Center’s “Substance Over Soundbites” Series to discuss Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, how to deal with Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon, monetary policy, and reducing the size of the federal government.

Paul says it’s not enough for the next President to be a Republican

Paul argues that eliminating federal departments is necessary in order to reduce federal spending.

Paul on the need to tackle entitlement spending and reform Medicare

Paul says we need more capitalism in health care

Paul explains how he thinks Ron Paul is different from the other Republican Presidential candidates.

Paul says there are better ways to contain Iran and prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons than bombing

Paul argues that the United State can draw down its troops deployed around the world

Paul discusses the debt ceiling, a balanced budget amendment, and term limits

Paul talks about monetary policy and reforming the Federal Reserve

Paul concludes by arguing that Ron Paul can be effective as President, and Charlie asks him if he would run for President in four or eight years.