February Foreclosure Filings decline in NH, Nationally

Today RealtyTrac released its February foreclosure data, which showed a slow down in filings both here in New Hampshire as well as Nationally.  Foreclosure filings are the number of properties that either receive a default notice, a foreclosure auction notice or are repossessed by the bank.

New Hampshire saw filings drop from 1053 in January to 737 in February, a 30% drop. Nationally filings fell 2%. It should be noted that January was a exceptionally high month due to the end of the moratorium on foreclosure filings by many major banks as a result of the robo-signing scandal. With January excepted, February’s figures are only slightly higher than the monthly average over the last 12 months.

Sales of homes in some state of foreclosure fell as well, from 223 to 80.

In New Hampshire, 1 property in 834 has received a foreclosure filing. This puts us as the highest in New England and on par with Iowa and Minnesota. Nevada, one of the worst hit states in the nation, 1 in 278 properties has received a foreclosure filing.

The national average is 1 in 637.