After continuing negotiations into a second day, Committee of Conference members agreed this week to expand eligibility for the popular Education Freedom Account (EFA) program. The agreement reached on House Bill 1665 would raise the income threshold from 350% of the federal poverty level (FPL) to 425%. That figure is closer to the Senate’s position […]

When the House passed House Bill 1400, the bill prevented municipalities from requiring more than one residential parking space per housing unit in their local zoning regulations. Requiring 1.5 or two parking spaces per unit, as many zoning districts do, is often a prohibitive hurdle for housing developers and owners of multifamily properties to overcome, […]

Though a housing shortage amid rising demand continues to push prices up in most of the country, some cities in Florida and Texas are seeing housing prices fall. How? They’ve built a lot more housing, The Wall Street Journal reports. In most of the U.S., the limited number of homes for sale is pushing prices […]

Sarah Breisch knew she could do better for her six children than send them to their government-assigned district public schools. The public schools in their city, Claremont, are low-performing. “I don’t have anything necessarily philosophically against public schools,” Breisch told us, “but just being very honest and frank, Claremont’s public schools rank very, very low […]

As part of their doctorate-level education, optometrists learn how to perform minor surgeries, including some laser eye surgeries. Yet New Hampshire law prohibits optometrists from doing any surgeries, even ones they’re trained to do. Only ophthalmologists (physicians who specialize in medical and surgical eye care) are permitted by law to perform laser procedures in New […]

Everybody loves wineries and craft breweries. Everyone except New Hampshire state statutes, that is. New Hampshire statutes show about as much affection for wineries and craft breweries as the English have for the French, or snooty wine drinkers have for rowdy beer drinkers.  For example, say you own a winery or craft brewery in New […]

There’s a growing consensus that New Hampshire’s overly restrictive land-use regulations need to be addressed to reverse the state’s housing shortage. Whether changes should be made at the state or local level, though, remains a major point of contention. State-level solutions generate reflexive opposition from people who view local land-use regulation as an entirely local […]

While crime stories, campus protests and political drama captured much of the media attention this week, a bill with tremendous potential consequences for taxpayers quietly passed the House on Thursday. Senate Bill 383, which has passed both chambers in slightly different versions, would strengthen local tax caps and allow school district caps to be tied […]

How we pay for ambulance service, as with virtually everything else in health care, is messed up.  When you need a car ride, you can call a taxi or use a ride-sharing service. You know exactly what you’ll be charged, and other consumers’ ratings help you choose a quality service. When you need an ambulance, […]

A new fiscal analysis of the New Hampshire Education Freedom Account Program finds that EFAs have generated nearly $9 million in taxpayer savings in the 2023-24 school year and are projected to generate $23 million in savings annually from the current cohort of students. It also shows that the total $24.8 million ESA program cost […]