According to the foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac, foreclosure filings in New Hampshire fell again in December, marking the third straight month of decreases. Statewide, 405 houses received a foreclosure filing, compared to 578 in November and 739 in October. There are currently 3703 foreclosure properties in the state.

The December filing data translates into 1 in every 1,518 houses receiving a notice statewide. In comparison, the national average for the month was 1 in 810. At 405, last month saw the fewest filings of any month in 2012.

Of the homes receiving a notice, 178 went to auction with 227 being repossessed by the lender.

December also saw a drop in foreclosure home sales with 150 being sold, a low for the year. However, the low number is not because of weakness in the market, but normal seasonal trends.

According to RealtyTrac, a foreclosure tracking firm, foreclosure filings in New Hampshire, for the month of June saw a slight uptick versus the previous month. May saw 704 filings, while June had 789.

Just under 60% of these filings were concentrated in Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties.

The state as a whole saw one in 789 households received a foreclosure filing in June, better than the national average of one in 666.

California saw the most filings in both real and relative terms, nearly 48,000 filings, meaning one in 288 California households received one.

In terms of what happened to the homes receiving filings in June, roughly half reverted to bank ownership, with the other half ending up on the auction block.


According to RealtyTrac, foreclosure filings for the month of May fell slightly over the April figures. May saw 704 filings, while March had 727.

Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties accounted for just over half of the filings, which makes sense given the concentration of the state’s population in the Southern Tier.

New Hampshire as a whole saw 1 foreclosure filing for every 873 households. Sullivan and Belknap Counties saw the worst ratios of 1 in 677 and 1 in 692 respectively. However, in real terms, number of homes receiving a filing notice in these two counties combined was only 87.

For comparison the national average for May was 1 filing for every 639 households. Problematic states such as California, Nevada and Florida saw rates of roughly 1 filing for every 310 households, twice the national rate and just shy of three times the rate here in New Hampshire.

Figures from Realtytrac, a foreclosure tracking firm, show foreclosure filings increased slightly in New Hampshire for the month of April to 727. This is up from 674 in March. Foreclosure filings for the purpose of this snapshot are the number of properties receiving a default notice, a foreclosure auction notice or bank repossession.

The state foreclosure rate is now 1 in 846 properties, up slightly from 1 in 912.

However, New Hampshire continues to have a much lower rate than the national average of 1 in 698.

Hillsborough County has the highest rate of 1 in 686, while Carroll County came in the lowest with 1 in 1327

While the uptick is not good news in term of the housing recovery, the magnitude is only 53 additional housing units. This slight increase is not New Hampshire specific however, other states in the region also saw slight increases in April.

However, it remains to be seen if the April data is a blip, or the beginning of a trend. Previous months figures, as well as other series of economic data indicate that the housing market is generally recovering, albeit slowly which makes it unlikely, (though not impossible) that this is the beginning of an serious upward trend.


The foreclosure tracking firm RealtyTrac released its March foreclosure data this week which showed that the number of foreclosure filings continue to fall both here in New Hampshire and across the country. A foreclosure filing is either a default notice, bank repossession or foreclosure auction notice.

March saw 674  filings, which marked the third month in a row that they have fallen here in New Hampshire. Last month saw 737.

While New Hampshire has 1 housing unit in foreclosure per 912, which is higher than neighboring states , it is still well below the national average of 1 in 662.

While Merrimack and Strafford Counties have the highest ratios of foreclosures, Hillsborough County followed by Rockingham County continues to have the greatest number overall, which makes sense due to the size of the population in comparison to the rest of the state.