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JBC Press Release: Train Study Optimistic and Overstated

Assumptions significantly overstate revenue Josh Elliott-Traficante, Josiah Bartlett Center policy analyst covering transportation policy, commented on the Capital Corridor study released today. Elliott-Traficante described the study’s revenue estimates as rosy and out of line with the experience of every other commuter rail system in the country:“The study paints a rosy picture but its revenue assumptions are significantly […]

2015 Legislative Preview and Social Reception

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Charlie Arlinghaus at arlinghaus@jbartlett.org Tickets by Mail: If you prefer to pay by mail, please send a check to: Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy 7 South State St. PO Box 897 Concord, NH 03302 Please make checks out to Josiah Bartlett Center, and include the name(s) of your guests. Tickets at […]

Elections are About Hired Hands Not Statesmen

I don’t mean to denigrate the politicians we hire to represent us in our constitutional republic. Nor do I suggest they are without talent or industry. In fact, I would prefer we hire the most talented and industrious contractors available for the job. If I need electrical work or plumbing done, I want to hire someone with talent and knowledge that I don’t myself possess.

Narrow Hospital Networks are the Last Gasp of the Past

The real problem with the Obamacare network in New Hampshire is not that it is too narrow but that there is any network at all. Healthcare costs are lowered not when the one government sanctioned picks winners and losers but instead when providers compete for the customer pool. The oddly constructed health exchange in New Hampshire is not the beginning of the future but the last gasp of the past.