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5,400 NH Obamacare Enrollments in January and an Updated Look at the Pool

January saw 5,417 Granite Staters select an insurance policy on the federal exchange. Since open enrollment began in October a total of 16,863 have selected coverage. The Department of Health and Human Services with each successive monthly report continues to add more demographic data, giving a more detailed look at the insurance pool and what type of coverage they have purchased.

Senate Medicaid Expansion Plan Not Quite As Advertised

The Senate Medicaid Expansion Plan was released this week so we could all see the details and find out that the spin and the reality of the program are not quite the same.

Let’s start by dismissing the assertion that this program is somehow a unique New Hampshire approach. That just isn’t so. Iowa passed this same Medicaid expansion plan last May and a few states have had similar ideas in the interim. The New Hampshire version differs in slight ways, none of which make it better.

Medicaid Expansion Leads to Increased Inappropriate ER Usage Study Finds

A few yars ago, Oregon chose to expand Medicaid coverage to the population now under consideration for coverage here in New Hampshire. In Oregon’s case, state funds would cover the total cost of the program. The problem for Oregon policy makers was that there was only enough money available to cover some, not all, of those eligible. To remain fair, coverage in the expanded Medicaid program was chosen by lottery.

Discipline Today Saves Trouble Tomorrow

Charlie Arlinghaus March 12, 2014 As originally published in the New Hampshire Union Leader Every legislative session there are 3 or 4 issues which dominate the media’s attention but some of the most important long term decisions pass by with little notice. You’d be forgiven for thinking the gas tax, gambling, and Medicaid expansion are […]

Just Say No to Crony Capitalism: The Story of the Boeing and the 777X Project

The aerospace giant Boeing is shopping around for a new location to produce one of its new wide body jets, the 777X. Rather than a design a new plane from scratch, Boeing has opted to reinvent and update its popular 777 model; hence the ‘X’. The company is running into trouble with its unions at its major plant in Everett, Washington, over a host of issues but largely over a switch from a traditional pension to a 401(k) style plan for retirement.

New Hampshire Retirement System Posts a 14.5% Return, But How Did We Really Do?

How well did the New Hampshire Retirement System really do? There are two good comparisons to make that give a better sense of investment performance: the fund’s own benchmarks and the experience of other public sector pension funds. Measured against both internal benchmarks and the performance of other pension funds, New Hampshire did slightly better than average.