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Is college worth it? Usually, but not always, new study finds

A college degree is a major investment in a better economic future, high school students are constantly told. But that isn’t always true. More than a quarter of college majors produce a negative return on investment, according to a study by Preston Cooper at the Foundation for Research on Economic Opportunity.  A lot of studies […]


Land use regulation event video now available

On Oct 12, 2021, the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy and the Center for Ethics in Society at St. Anselm College released a first-of-its-kind study on how local land use regulations affect the supply and price of housing in New Hampshire. The event included a panel discussion on housing regulation with Sarah Marchant of […]

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N.H. should let the market sort out private-sector vaccine policies

When New Hampshire Republicans start asking the state to regulate private businesses, something’s stopped making sense. GOP Executive Councilors Joe Kenney and Dave Wheeler last week suggested the state should forbid private businesses from requiring employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Florida and Texas have passed such big-government dictates, and Montana adopted a similar one in […]

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N.H.’s Top Ten most housing-restricted municipalities

The Josiah Bartlett Center’s new study of local residential land use regulations provides a first-ever ranking of N.H. municipalities’ local housing restrictions. The study ranks N.H. municipalities by the inelasticity of their housing supply, that is, by how much local conditions, especially land-use regulations, restrict the ability of the private sector to provide new housing […]

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Local land use regulations drive N.H. housing shortage, Bartlett study shows

Why have house prices and rents increased so much in New Hampshire? A new Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy study finds that residential land use regulations, mostly at the local level, are a major cause. Examples of local regulations that prevent people from building homes include: minimum lot sizes, frontages and setbacks, single-family-only requirements, […]


Claira Monier’s housing wisdom

In a few weeks, the Business and Industry Association will present its Lifetime Achievement Award to the imminently deserving Claira Monier, director of the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority from 1988-2007. With New Hampshire housing prices setting new records every month, the timing couldn’t be better. Had local elected officials listened to Monier over the […]


There’s even a New Hampshire Advantage in public transit

A September report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston found that transit ridership in New England plummeted during the pandemic.  From March 2020 to July 2021, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority lost 340,584,000 passenger trips, while the City of Nashua’s public bus system saw 339,000 fewer trips and Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation experienced […]


96.5% of NH COVID infections, 93.5% of deaths are among unvaccinated, but state doesn’t publicize the data

New Hampshire’s official COVID-19 statistics continue to show the efficacy of vaccines in fighting infection, hospitalization and death from the ongoing pandemic. But this information is not included on the state’s COVID-19 dashboard, nor in the daily or weekly COVID press releases, hindering the state’s vaccine promotion efforts.  New Hampshire recorded its first breakthrough infection […]


New Hampshire should welcome Afghan refugees

As the federal government works to resettle Afghans who fled the Taliban, New Hampshire officials should ask Washington to send us more than our share. From a humanitarian standpoint, the appeal is obvious. Giving refuge to freedom-loving people ill-treated by their own government is a tradition woven into the fabric of the nation. For New […]