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Government-inflated rents hurt even more during periods of economic decline

On April 1, rents were due for the first time since Gov. Chris Sununu declared a state emergency on March 13. News organizations reported on Granite Staters struggling to pay rent after suffering significant income loss in March. As communities come together to help each other through these difficult situations, it’s important to understand that […]

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A disease outbreak is a bad time to ban disposable plastics and paper

Forcing people to carry reusable food and beverage containers in public could accelerate the spread of microbes that cause infectious diseases, multiple academic studies suggest, the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy shows in a new policy briefing paper.  As government strives to suppress the spread of the novel coronavirus, policymakers should immediately repeal laws, […]


“Price gouging” and the toilet paper shortage

If you haven’t stocked up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or milk yet, good luck. By the time you read this, your local supermarket might well be out. At noon on Friday, the Bedford Market Basket had some scattered half gallons and a single gallon-jug of milk left. (It was chocolate, indicating poor […]

Huge Florida study finds school choice improves performance of public school students

The expansion of Florida’s school choice scholarship program led to significant academic and behavioral improvements for students who remained in the state’s public schools, a new study shows. It is the latest of more than two dozen studies to show academic gains among public school students after the introduction of school choice programs. The National […]


Governor’s focus on growth, opportunity and innovation is paying off for New Hampshire

The takeaway message from Gov. Chris Sununu’s State of the State address on Thursday was that New Hampshire, like comedian Larry The Cable Guy, gets her done. The governor even said at the end of his address, “Let’s Get It Done.” By solving problems through innovative, decentralized, low-cost methods, the state enables high levels of […]

The Iowa caucuses, complex systems, and the beauty of simplicity

It’s Primary Weekend in New Hampshire, when Granite Staters ask questions of candidates, national reporters ask questions of Granite Staters, and the entire political universe asks, “What the heck, Iowa?” On Monday, the Great Iowa App-ocalypse occurred. In an evening of dumbfounding incompetence, the Iowa Democratic Party may have done what Michigan, California, Florida, Delaware […]