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How private property saved the Pilgrims from socialist misery

The 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing in the New World is a time to reflect on important lessons we want our children to remember about America’s founding. One of the most critical is that hippie communes don’t work. Yes, the Pilgrims who arrived in Massachusetts in 1620 promptly tried to create a socialist workers […]

October COVID numbers show that the virus is having a different impact than in the spring

In New Hampshire in October, new coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths all spiked, but the virus had a less harmful impact than in the spring.  Though October infections set a record, hospitalizations and deaths remained far below their spring and early summer levels.  Positive test results totaled 2,799 in October, a 182.5% increase from September. […]

Fun with 2020 election numbers

Granite Staters on Tuesday put Republicans in complete control of state government while re-electing every Democratic incumbent at the federal level and giving Joe Bide an 8-point victory over President Donald Trump.  There are as many possible explanations for this as there are buffet items at the new Golden Corral on South Willow Street in […]

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New Hampshire must avoid another coronavirus crash

This week, New Hampshire’s initial unemployment claims fell below 2,000 for the first time since March. And the state’s positive PCR coronavirus test rate edged up past 1% for the first time since the state started increasing its testing and calculating the percent-positive rate late this summer. Whether the state can keep the former trend […]