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Connecticut shows the high cost of high taxes

In New England, the poster child for bad tax-and-spend governance is no longer Massachusetts. It’s Connecticut. And we can learn from the Nutmeg State’s nutty management. Connecticut used to have relatively low taxes and a strong economy. Not anymore. Our friends at The Yankee Institute in Connecticut have chronicled the state’s decline in a recent […]


Fall fairs make us happy because they’re markets

It’s fall fair season, which in New England is known as the most wonderful time of the year.  Why do people love fall fairs so much? Because they’re not really fairs. They’re markets.  And markets make people happy. The thrill of a fall fair is enhanced by the crisp, autumn air, the foliage, the drive […]

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Nuclear power is having a moment despite, not because of, environmental activists

Energy shortages in California and Europe have prompted a revival of interest in Nuclear power. And who gets the credit? Environmental activists, naturally.  “Why even environmental activists are supporting nuclear power today,” National Public Radio gushed last week.  The few environmentalists highlighted in the story deserve credit for taking such an unpopular position within the […]


Is Hanover the canary in the coal mine for N.H. housing?

Hanover could be the canary in the coal mine for housing-induced labor shortages in New Hampshire.  The town has canceled its annual Fall Fest and its after-school program for grades three through five because it can’t find enough staff, the Valley News reported.   Why can’t the town find enough staff? The town manager cited the […]


What teacher shortage?

Students are heading back to school, and based on media reports you might expect them to be sitting in classrooms without a teacher. News organizations nationwide have published stories raising alarms about dire school staffing shortages. So why do hiring and staffing data tell a completely different story? The New Hampshire Department of Education announced […]

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The gubernatorial candidates’ housing plans: An assessment

By Jason Sorens Gov. Chris Sununu and his opponent, Sen. Tom Sherman, have proposed reforms to alleviate New Hampshire’s severe housing shortage. How do those proposals compare, and how effective would they be? A brief overview of each suggests that neither would solve New Hampshire’s housing shortage, but Gov. Sununu’s initiative would be likely to […]