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Senate bill would redirect money for lower-income scholarship kids to higher-income college grads

A bill before the Senate Ways and Means Committee next Wednesday would cut education scholarships for lower-income children and redirect the money to higher-income college graduates. The title of Senate Bill 663 offers no hint that it would make this switch. The bill would create a tax credit to fund the Graduate Retention Incentive Partnership […]

Socialism: The Real Story!

Does socialism really create a just, peaceful and equitable society? Join us for a fun discussion of the topic by famed author Dr. Joshua Muravchik and find out! (Hint: Dr. Muravchik is a former socialist.) Dr. Muravchik will discuss his great book “Heaven on Earth: The Rise, Fall, and Afterlife of Socialism” on Saturday, Feb. […]


2020? No, it’s 2019, suckers

Nine days ago, you thought you woke up in a new year and a new decade. A fresh start! A chance to leave the past behind and venture into a bold new future of limitless possibilities! Sorry, it’s Groundhog Day and you’re Bill Murray. Welcome to Week 54 of 2019. The Legislature opened its session […]

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Transportation and Climate Initiative a bad deal for New Hampshire

The regional cap-and-tax scheme called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a bad deal for New Hampshire, the initiative organizers’ own projections show. Modeled on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the TCI would cap carbon emissions from transportation sources (vehicles) and force fuel distributors to buy carbon allowances. A declining cap would force distributors […]


Taking the first step to solving New Hampshire’s housing shortage

A positive shift is happening in New Hampshire’s pro-housing movement. Gov. Chris Sununu helped highlight it on Wednesday. Speaking at a housing forum organized by the Center for Ethics in Government at St. Anselm College, the governor criticized municipalities that use local regulatory powers to impose severe restrictions on housing development. Bedford, the governor said, […]


USNH schools rank high for free speech

For the second year in a row, all undergraduate campuses of the University System of New Hampshire were nationally recognized for their commitment to freedom of speech. In its just-released “Speech Codes 2020” report, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) gave the University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State University and Keene state College […]

For America, gratitude is foundational

Thanksgiving is a critically important American holiday. The reason is simple. The survival of the United States as an independent nation of free peoples depends upon gratitude. If Americans do not remain forever grateful for the system we inherited, we will lose it. If this sounds a bit dramatic, take it up with Abraham Lincoln. […]

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Who’s to blame for biomass plant closures?

A handful of Democratic politicians on Wednesday stood in the snow outside an obsolete power plant and reversed their party’s customary line of attack when an industrial facility closes. Instead of blaming greed or billionaires or out-of-state corporations or winged monkeys for the recent closure of two N.H. biomass power plants, they blamed the government. […]